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My paintings are expressive, vibrant, audacious, bold and aspirational. The scope of my work varies but each series is a celebration of blackness.

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The Art

Now, About the artwork:

“Your beauty will be in shades of Melanin and Light”

I love black people. I love the way melanated skin absorbs sunlight and has an ever so slight glow afterwards. I love the way dark skin glistens and radiates light when misted with sweat or is caressed with a slight sheen of coconut oil.

I love color. Not quiet, subtle, muted colors; but bright, bold,loud, colors that scream!

I love light. From the subtle changes in sunlight from season to season, to the glittering sparkles of light dancing across water like broken glass.

I love light.

But I also love the night life. The dark,The music, the energy, the excitement. There’s an air of mystery and unknown possibilities.

And so the question became, how do i combine these things in a way that is authentically me?

“The more I paint the more I like everything.”

-- Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michelle Basquiat
local celebrity

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